Vision and Mission


FIPA aims to stay current with regulatory changes that impact medicine. We aim to protect the interests of Indian physicians and recommend a shared vision to enhance the healthcare system.

We advocate a strong collective approach that brings about definitive change for the progress of medical science for human welfare.

FIPA envisions a collaborative effort among Indian physicians to assert equal protection in performing professional duties.

Our mission is to create a platform for ideation, discussion, and engagement among Indian physicians of diverse backgrounds. FIPA aims to create a forum that protects the interests of Indian physicians who come in contact with Indian and non-Indian healthcare institutions.

FIPA supports Indo American physicians with a platform to help them excel in delivering patient care and upgrading their skills. FIPA believes in a strong exchange of ideas to mentor young physicians.

Our goal is to advocate for professional freedom with the highest form of ethics. All this with a keen sense for greater community service.